29th December 2016
Love your website

Love your Website in 2017

Love your website in 2017 In the run-up to Christmas many of us have been shopping for gifts for the family, customers and business associates, we […]
22nd December 2016
Jury service

So much to do… So little time – How Civic Duty can spoil a plan

The best laid plans of men and mice. At the beginning of December I started an advent calendar for those who wish to promote their website.  […]
5th December 2016
Day 5 Customer scenarios

The website promoters’ Advent Calendar – Day 5 – Customer scenarios

Customer scenarios. Have you ever wondered what the customer is doing at the time they are looking for your product or service – the customer scenario? […]
4th December 2016
Day 4 web promoters advent Calendar

The website promoters’ Advent Calendar – Day 4 – What do customers buy?

Yesterday’s task was quite straight forward and was a compilation of your services or products. Today’s task is a little more complex – What do customers […]