10th May 2019
Website findability SEO training courses

Website Findability – Search Engine Optimisation Training

No matter how good your website is, if it cannot be found by customers then it will not get sales. The Internet High Street Just like […]
28th February 2017
How does Voice search affect your Search engine optimisation 2017

The Future of Search is Voice

Ever since Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise started speaking to his computer, as if it were a human, back in the original series […]
10th November 2016
Website SEO Audit wordcloud

Website SEO Audit

Website SEO audit… If you don’t know what is wrong with your website, you can’t fix it. You have paid the web designer and the website has been online for months […]
28th October 2016
Clear day - clean website

Is your Website Working for your Business?

Your company’s business website does many jobs.  It is your company’s advertisement, brochure, receptionist and sales representative.  Most buyers no longer bother to save printed literature, […]