User Experience

10th May 2019
Website findability SEO training courses

Website Findability – Search Engine Optimisation Training

No matter how good your website is, if it cannot be found by customers then it will not get sales. The Internet High Street Just like […]
25th April 2019
Digital Marketing and SEO event presentation

Selling Refrigerators to Eskimos.

We have all heard the expression, and there are other metaphors out there, “So good, they could sell refrigerators to Eskimos”. If we were all that […]
27th February 2019
Croud of people who are your customers

How well do you know your Customers?

In a way I am lucky, lucky enough to have lived in two ages.  The age of the internet and the age before the internet ever […]
16th November 2017
Languages Industries speaking event in Belgrade

The languages services industry in the Balkans

The energy and passion displayed at the inaugural Balkans Language Industry Symposium (BLIS) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Belgrade was palpable.  It was this energy that […]