20th November 2017
Studentspresenting their innovations

Sent to inspire others and I’m the one who is inspired…

For the last 16 years I have been a Dynamo role model, working with Big Ideas Wales going into Schools, Colleges and Universities speaking to pupils […]
16th November 2017
Languages Industries speaking event in Belgrade

The languages services industry in the Balkans

The energy and passion displayed at the inaugural Balkans Language Industry Symposium (BLIS) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Belgrade was palpable.  It was this energy that […]
14th August 2017

Speaking at International Business Events

Speaking at International Business Events – Two actions for a better audience experience I am off on foreign travel again. In November, I will be heading […]
28th February 2017
How does Voice search affect your Search engine optimisation 2017

The Future of Search is Voice

Ever since Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise started speaking to his computer, as if it were a human, back in the original series […]