27th February 2019
Croud of people who are your customers

How well do you know your Customers?

In a way I am lucky, lucky enough to have lived in two ages.  The age of the internet and the age before the internet ever […]
26th February 2019
Death throes of the High Street - Small Town shopping street

Shopping Centres becoming Ghost Towns

The Death Throes of the High Street – Update February 2019 (Ten years on) The BBC reported in an article last Thursday 21st of February 2019 […]
12th November 2018
What is networking - Three men networking

What is Business Networking?

Let’s be clear right at the beginning.  Networking is not just about selling your stuff – whatever your ‘stuff’ might be – although many behave as […]
8th October 2018
Networking for business contacts a group of networking buisness people

Networking for Business Contacts

Networking for Business Contacts – A new Business Book Over the last few years whilst attending networking events, I have been questioning, listening and observing others […]